Mutare is Zimbabwe’s fourth city and boarders with Mozambique. The city has a vibrant tourism industry, active mining industry plus untapped mineral resources, historic educational background, fertile soils that support recognizable agricultural spots, birthed famous sports and artistic luminaries amongst other virtues. The absence of a local and dedicated broadcasting entity has resulted in all these virtues to either be underrated, underestimated or totally overshadowed by larger cities especially the capital city. The city has a story worth sharing. The city has an industry that needs to be revitalized. A Mutare based station is what the city needs, Diamond FM is the answer. Diamond FM was awarded a license to broadcast in Mutare thus enabling the residents and business community in Mutare to finally have a voice. The station captures, celebrate and amplifies the aspirations of the people of Mutare. This is done in English, locally spoken languages and dialects of Manicaland. The recruitment of presenters was carefully done and ensured that the full complement are local and paid attention to gender equality. The radio station is based at Manica Post building. Diamond FM uses state of the art equipment to broadcast within its confines but is also available on live stream.


*To give residents of Mutare and environs a platform to listen, enjoy and learn about their own
*To offer the local business people affordable, high quality, convincing commercial space
*To be catalysts of positive change and development

*To provide accurate, balanced and informative NEWS and sport with a bias towards Mutare and surrounding areas though we will also have a national, regional and international outlook
*To celebrate and discuss the diverse beliefs and tradition of local communities.
*To ensure local based talent is given priority and prominence over others.


To be Mutare’s only radio station of choice delivered by top notch informed and exciting presenters in English and local languages and dialects, timeous yet accurate News and captivating programs, high quality and interesting music from mostly local artists plus give businesses a platform to showcase their products and services.


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