Sound engineer aids GBV victims


Kundai Marunya Arts Correspondent
Alick Macheso’s former sound engineer, Gololia Goliath-Saungwene, has taken on charity work to assist victims of domestic violence, street children, HIV positive women and other vulnerable groups.

Through her recently registered non-governmental organisation Knowledge is Power (KIP) Goliath-Saungweme is engaging different communities where she plans to set up centres.

“KIP started about four years ago when I used to go to various communities assisting women with seed money for community gardens.

“This was a way to empower women after I noticed that sometimes they feel trapped in abusive relationships because they cannot take care of themselves financially,” she said.

“I then expanded my charity work to include other less privileged and vulnerable groups. As KIP we were awarded land in Chirimamhunga by Seke Rural District Council and village heads in the area and another piece of land in Chinhoyi.”

Construction of a KIP centre in Seke, she said, was now underway with the local community moulding bricks for the site.

“We have already moulded several bricks and we have builders from the community who are ready to construct the centre but we lack other building materials. We will only start work in Chinhoyi after we have finished work in Seke as we are working with very limited resources,” said Goliath-Saungweme.

Once complete the community centre will save as a sanctuary for GBV victims, the homeless and other vulnerable groups.

Goliath-Saungweme said they will also be teaching various life skills.

“We want to empower people to be self-reliant that’s why we are equipping them with several life skills be it crafting, sewing and gardening.

“As someone who works in the arts industry I have been working closely  with a group called Swereking to teach those who are passionate about music to harness their talents,” she said.

“We actually have one great upcoming artiste, Terry Green, who is disabled but very talented. We assisted him in recording his music.”

Goliath-Saungweme appealed to corporates and other organisations to support her in assisting the less privileged.

She is a renowned sound engineer, who besides working with sungura king Macheso, has also worked with various artistes at many events that also include the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA).

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