Tafadzwa Simba quits HIFA


Arts Reporter
Tafadzwa Simba, an associate executive of the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA), has left the organisation to pursue studies outside the country.

“I resigned in February this year, but have been involved in a phased handover of my HIFA portfolio as I am pursuing my masters’ degree abroad,” he told The Herald Arts in an interview.

“We worked amicably together with the HIFA team on this transition which ended in February.”

Simba was responsible for liaising with performing artistes, both local and international, and the media.

He said he was now pursuing other areas of interest.

“Currently, I am working on some projects in the fields of aviation and sport about which you will be hearing soon. I don’t have any regrets and that what’s important,” he said.

HIFA — the popular six-day festival was cancelled last year because of budget constraints.

The event has been one of the major arts festival in the region attracting performing artistes from across the globe.

The week-long event also created a platform for various artists to exhibit their work and exchange notes.

HIFA brought different cultures together from across the world.

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