Do you feel like you need a boost with life, need a friend to help with life’s journey? Everyday he is contagious, he is fun, he is the chosen , he is CHAYAMANINGI.

Ba Taps

A good presnter.

Hardy Zuw

He brings reality to radio.

JByourDJ ‘’The Smoothener of the Jagged edges‘’

The slikiest voice on radio, JB brings out the thinker in you, questioning what is, inspiring what can be, if smooth is YOUR dish JB is your DJ.

Kritic Igwe

They say laughter is the best medicine ut music brings life and he brings both through music with a vibe so cool and tantalizing you can almost eat it. .

Mutape Siduna

Deep rich ndau is what you will get whenever you hear him .


The Queen of the Shumba clan's roar is the most soothing and beautiful you will hear on the airwaves. A passionate personality who tackles topical and trending issues from society with a unique and engaging style. A proud ghetto girl from Mutare's oldest suburb's Sakubva whose aura resonates with people from all walks of life.

Shem Isak

exceptional Presenter very dedicated to the station.

Speedo the Sassy Babe ‘’Chidhori’’

Her laughter is contagious, her voice is addictive and the perfect poison that keeps you young. She is your stress remedy.

Tadiwacho Mukunda Wekumanyika

The way you feel when your favourite tracks play when you are at a party is the way you feel when you listen to her…….she is a vibe.

Tnash ‘’The Farmer’’

Find solace, encouragement and joy in radio with top radio presenter Tnash The Farmer. Its almost infectious.

Uncle P

An ever caring uncle. Truly an encounter with Uncle P will surely change your fate.Whatever your predicament, dilemma or situation, together with him you can indeed craft a way out of the quagmire.

Yohanè ‘’Huchi Munzeve’’

Her voice is her weapon. She empowers the youth with knowledge so not to perish. Like honey that’s hard to get off when it sticks somewhere her words are those that are meant to get in your ears and stick there. Sweet wisdom comes from good counsel accompanied by sweet urban melodies ‘’A language of love drives a standard of excellence’’ .

Zion Asset

It’s a modern world, a hustling world and we all have to keep up. Zion does exactly that, she is the woman who helps you keep up with the demands of a hustling life and helps you touch base with all those demands you have to meet to make life go on for you and your family. The music, energy and vibe has you really convinced you are ready and yes you can get it done.

Zkit aka Lampy

(An energetic all round presenter, actor, rapper, voice over artist, MC and deejay) strives to be the best all round entertainer best quality being versatility “The strength of a man is in his desire to improve with each rising sun, strike for what you believe in set goals and you can achieve them #daretodream #weallwegot #staywinning .


Josephine Nyamwanza a.k.a Newsbae

News anchor who delivers trending news stories in and around the community..

Larry L ‘’Mukwasha wekumandau’’ Papa Larry

The news guy who takes you through trending issues and stories.

Yolanda Simango a.k.a Ndau newsbae

News anchor who is driven by passion to update the Manicaland community with the most trending news in one of their local language which is Ndau Best story teller..