The Rise

For those working early in the morning or waking up to start the day this is the show for you.

The Boost

Your spiritual wellbeing is also a part of our priority, the listener becomes the preacher on You preach I preach. For those with a critical mind there is the Gospel arena , toziyei where all matters are laid bare.

Gem Sunday

This one is for the most important things in life, like your first connection with the holy spirit on The gospel classics to the first time you fell in love on Heart you. A weekend mid-morning radio listening experience of a life time.

Roots Rockers

For the hard core Rasta man and conscious music lover this is your show. We celebrate legends in reggae history while profiling the future ,it’s all about ONE LOVE.

Sunday Glide

Right on the peripheries of the weekend radio line up lies a real gem, The Sunday Glide. For the old souls 30 minutes of country music will speak to your inner being, for the sports lovers the show has something for you. If you believe that like wine an old jam gets better with age, The Sunday glide is exactly what the doctor ordered for the show takes Diamond FM to other parts of Zimbabwe on the big meet on a simulcast with nyaminyami and capital.

Special Sunday

As the name implies this indeed is a special treat no radio station can offer. Spit it out drills into your soul and pacifies your troubles with elderly wisdom. Then the most followed gospel chat show in the country caps the show, it’s a spiritual affair you should never miss.

The Lockdown

You never know what’s on the lockdown until you listen to the Lockdown, is it religion, is it romance, is it music or is it just noise you want on a Thursday night to walk into Friday. Hook up on the lockdown.